Catalytic Processes Research Group

dr inż. Katarzyna Zielińska - Research Group Leader

dr inż. Katarzyna Zielińska - Research Group Leader

phone: +48 77 487 31 80
mobile: +48 665 661 145
e-mail: katarzyna.zielinska(at)

The Catalytic Processes Research Group deals mainly with research on catalytic processes, including both technologies with the use of ion-exchangers or other catalysts, and industrial manufacturing processes.


  • alkylphenols obtaining processes, including nonylphenol, dodecyphenol, isopropylphenol, octylphenol and higher alkylphenols, using cation-exchange resins as catalysts,
  • aromatic polycarbonates synthesis from bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate, as well as bisphenol A and dimethyl carbonate,
  • esterification and etherification processes,
  • specialized applications of ion-exchangers in purification processes of products and waste-water,
  • application of ion-exchange resins in reactions related to bisphenol A technology,
  • research and development of catalytic systems for bishpenol A production process characterized by polycarbonate purity,
  • research on chemical reactions in technological streams formed during bisphenol A production,
  • research on other ion-exchange processes for the industry,
  • research on synthesis of detergent additives for petrol enriching packs,
  • research on syntheses of alkylphenols derivatives,
  • glycols, polyalcohols and amino acids obtainment processes,
  • liquid mixtures separation processes,
  • research on other catalytic processes.