Good Laboratory Practice

In 2007 ICSO "Blachownia" obtained an accordance certificate with Good Laboratory Practice rules (DPL) from Bureau for Chemical Substances. The certificate was given to Institute's Analytical Department.


Good Laboratory  Practice is a system which guarantees the quality of required by law non-clinical laboratory tests for evaluation of chemical substances and preparations properties in the scope of humans and environment safety.


Basing on the results of Bureau for Chemical Substances audit in 28-30 September 2021, it was confirmed, that Good Laboratory Practices norms are maintained in the Łukasiewicz - ICSO "Blachownia" in the scope of:


  • physical-chemical testing,
  • studies on behaviour in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation,
  • residue studies (analytical phase)
  • other studies: chemical analysis.


The Certificate issued by Inspector for Chemical Substances is numbered 29/2021/DPL.

Quality Assurance Unit

mgr Magdalena Tomaka
phone: + 48 77 487 36 41
e-mail: magdalena.tomaka(at)