dr Zofia Hordyjewicz-Baran - Research Group Leader

dr Zofia Hordyjewicz-Baran - Research Group Leader

phone: +48 77 487 31 12
mobile: +48 664 718 935
e-mail: zofia.hordyjewicz(at)icso.lukasiewicz.gov.pl

The group scope of work covers analytics and measurements, including scientific research and services from the range of physico-chemical analysis, identification and structural research, environmental analytics and ecotoxicological research.



Complex research analytics:

  • gas chromatography (GC, GC/Headspace) with TCD, FID, MS, MS/MS detection, liquid chromatography (HPLC) with UV detection, RI, ELSD, Corona, MS/MS with ion trap, gel chromatography (GPC) with UV detection, RI; UV/VIS spectroscopy, infrared spectroscopy with Fourier transformation (FTIR), thermal analysis (TG-DTA, DSC), mass spectrometry MALDI-TOF/TOF, TOC carbon analyzer, CNSCl elemental analyzer.

Tests according to Good Laboratory Practice

  • physical-chemical testing
  • studies on behaviour in water, soil and air; bioaccumulation
  • residue studies (analytical phase)
  • other studies: chemical analysis

Services and research expertise:

  • physico-chemical analysis,
  • phase transition and chemical reactions examination,
  • analytical check-ups over technological processes,
  • identification and structural tests,
  • SVHC detection,
  • household chemistry product tests,
  • auxiliary agents tests for various industry branches,
  • Material Safety Data Sheets preparation,
  • physico-chemical detergent examinations,
  • cleaning and washing agents trial tests,
  • consultancy and training in the field of chemical analysis,
  • other services in the scope of analytics and measurements.